Real Estate Termite Inspections / WDI Reports


Termite Inspection for Real Estate Transactions

Termite inspections done for the purposes of buying or selling a house are called W.D.I (wood destroying insect) reports.

These reports are regulated by the state and require a professional to fill them out. WDI reports include sections on termite activity, conducive conditions, previous treatments, other types of wood destroying insects like carpenter ants, and other organisms that may affect the house. The cost of WDI reports varies based on how large the house is, where it is located, and what type of foundation it has. Call us to get prices for the home or business you’re looking at. The report is very specific on when a recommendation for treatment can be made. For termites we must find active termites on the structure, find evidence of termites with no evidence of a previous termite treatment, or find conducive conditions that warrant a treatment. We do not move furniture, boxes or stored items during the inspection. It is always best to inspect a vacant house. We do not guarantee the absence of termites or termite damage, only that we could not see any evidence of termites at time of inspection. If termite damage is found, we cannot tell you how severe or cosmetic it is, only that it’s there.

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