Wasp and Yellowjacket exterminating services can make spring and summer safer and more fun for the entire family.Dollarphotoclub_38105321 yellowjacket

Wasps and Yellowjackets can put a damper on outdoor activities. At Certified we have experience that you can trust when it comes to exterminating these flying and stinging insects. Give us a call today and keep your family safe and happy when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. Here is some more information on just a two of the most common flying pests that we get calls on here at Certified Termite and Pest Control of Longview.

Red Wasps

Red wasps are one of a variety of wasps referred to as paper wasps and are found throughout the central and eastern portions of the U.S. They are considered a beneficial species as they capture and feed pest insects to their colony mates. Measuring about an inch long with a red body and purplish-black colored wings, this is a social wasp with a nest likely to contain more than 800 members. Red wasps build open, single comb nests in areas that invite human interaction. One wasp can sting multiple times, and they can will aggressively defend their nests. Removal of these nests should only be considered when there is a possibility that people or pets could be stung. Better results for control and prevention of red wasp issues are found when a nest is mechanically removed before it becomes too large.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets are bright yellow and black insects, commonly seen near trash receptacles and picnics because they are scavengers. They scavenge for sweet liquids and meats, bringing them into constant contact with humans. Yellow Jackets are aggressive, more so than other stinging insects. In fact, yellow jackets sting and bite. Unlike other species, they do not lose their stinger and may sting multiple times, even if unprovoked. Stepping into a nest or ground vibrations can easily trigger a swarm attack, making lawn mowing dangerous during late summer.

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