Termite infestations are very common in Texas, costing homeowners millions of dollars in damage every year. Soldier Termite with WorkersComplete professional termite treatments can range from 600 to 2500 dollars depending on the size and circumstance of your home. Don’t hesitate and risk irreversible damage. Call us today for free estimate.

Termite Inspection & Warranty

Termite Warranties –


Let Certified inspect your home for termites. If after completing the termite inspection, no activity is found we can issue you a warranty. Warranty cost per year is 150 and up depending on the size of your home.

Pre-construction Termite Treatments –

Termite damage is not covered by most homeowners insurance. Termites usually do most of their damage unseen inside wall voids etc. Every day that they go undetected more damage is done. That’s why preventive measures like soil pre-treatments are critical when constructing a new building. During these treatments liquid termiticide is applied to the ground before your concrete slab is poured.

The cost of a pre-treat is minor compared to the cost of repairs due to termite damage.

Unfortunately most home or building owners don’t recognize the signs of termite infestation until a significant amount of damage has already been done. Termite entry points can include cracks in the foundation, plumbing penetrations,  and areas of high soil around the foundation of home.

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