Certified Pest Control of Longview Provides a Variety of Customizable Pest Control Services for East Texas.

Find out more about how our professional pest control programs work.


Pest control Program

We offer several different pest control services for your home or property. We can also customize a service to meet your specific needs.

Perimeter Program


Most of the pest that you encounter in your home come from the outside. That is why we recommend focusing pest control treatments on the exterior of property.

With our perimeter programs, we inspect and treat the interior on the initial service plus treat the exterior and spread fire ant bait on the property grounds (up to 60 feet from structure). After the initial treatment, we will return to treat the exterior on a monthly or Quarterly schedule, which ever meets your pest control needs the best.

At certified we are flexible, and we understand that each customer and property may have unique needs and preferences. Because of this we offer the ability to customize programs based on your specific needs. Whether that entails interior service during each visit or a combination of other methods, we can usually find a way to accommodate anyone.

Scorpions , brown recluse spiders, and German cockroaches are pests that may require a monthly services to properly control.


One Time Visits

is a Single treatment service without any future obligation. Whatever your problem happens to be we can tailor a one time service to fit yours needs. The Certified one time services comes with a 30 day guarantee.

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